Zen & the Art of Legal Networking

Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Re-Evaluate Your Associations

We’re bringing you some more great advice today from rainmaking expert, Jaimie Field:


Look at your calendar.

If you are like me, your September is always filled with networking events – traditionally this is the time that associations get back to business and lots and lots of activity.

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Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers – A LexBlog Webinar Recap Part II

As the remnants of Hurricane Isaac are sweeping through my little town today (just a big thunderstorm, fortunately!), my mind is on blogging. So let’s jump into the second half of LexBlog’s Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers webinar! (Check out the first half here)

Effective Editorial Content

The next topic that Colin and Helen covered was effective editorial content. Colin said that he looks over every post that comes through the LexBlog network, and as he does, he’s looking for people who write like people. So often, bloggers just take their firm’s legal alerts and put them on their blog – but it would be more effective to add some personality instead, because it makes the posts more readable. 

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Week of August 27, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

This year has really sped by, and here we are at the unofficial end of summer! Here in the States, we have a three day weekend, and I will be busily working on home projects and thinking about braving the crowds at the little beach by my house.

So without further ado, here are this week’s top posts!

  • Terminating a Pregnant Employee from Clark Wilson: In one of our most read posts ever, Nicole Byres of Clark Wilson discusses a recent decision and advises companies to look closely at timing when terminating an employee. 
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Blogging Best Practices for Lawyers – A LexBlog Webinar Recap Part I

I’m full of the recaps lately, and I promise I’ve got some more original commentary coming up for you all as we get into fall. I’ve mentioned before that I love September, and the feeling of a fresh start that it gives me. For that reason, now is as good a time as ever to take a look at what you’re doing in your blogging – to see what’s been successful for you and what you can tweak.

With that in mind, I bring you some excellent tips from LexBlog’s own Colin O’Keefe and Helen Pitlick – and I don’t say that just because they so kindly mentioned this blog. It was a great refresher for me, and whether you’re just thinking about getting into blogging, or you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll find something of value in their comments. Since there are a lot of great tips here, and I want  you to think about them a bit, I’m splitting this into two posts – the next one will follow after the holiday weekend here in the States.

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Blogging for Clients: How Online Relationships Lead to Real-World Clients (A Re-cap) Part III

After sharing all of their valuable content with us, Kevin and Lee were happy to answer some questions from the audience.

What’s the correlation of a strong brand with online lead generation? 

Lee clarified the essence of the question as being “how is your brand going to impact your lead generation and online presence?” Kevin said that he wanted to say that larger brands would have more impact, but he wasn’t sure that this was true. He used Coca Cola as an example, saying that if they didn’t form the right strategy online with the people who want to drink Coca Cola, they’re not going to go anywhere. 

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Week of August 20, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

With all the content that’s being published, you’d hardly know that it was one of the biggest months for holidays! Here are this week’s top posts from ILNToday:

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Blogging for Clients: How Online Relationships Lead to Real-World Clients (A Re-cap) Part II

On Tuesday, we jumped into the first half of Kevin McKeown and Lee Frederiksen’s webinar on Blogging for Clients. Today, we’re looking at the second half!

Developing your Strategy and Tools

Lee said that when you look at online marketing at a macro level, there’s not one technique that says “this is the one to use.” There are a whole bunch of techniques. So how do these fit together – how do you make sense out of this about what you need to do, and when you need to do it? 

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ILN Members in Sweden, Italy, Liechtenstein & Switzerland Collaborate

ILN members are working together all the time, and sometimes they pick their noses up from the grindstone to share one of their successes with me. Here’s a story about an excellent collaboration among ILN firms in Sweden, Italy, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

In 2010, Thomas Ekenberg and Johan Sund of Ekenberg & Andersson Advokatbyra, Sweden, were retained by an Italian-American client requesting legal advice regarding an investment in Stockholm – namely, the purchase of an apartment and the opening of an art gallery. The origin of the client’s financial resources, which were necessary to proceed with the investment, consisted of an inheritance of considerable value – his portion amounted to around 80 million Euros worth of real estate and other assets – received from his mother in 2002, and originating from the client family’s prominent involvement in the Italian real estate business as far back as the 1930s.

The client claimed that he had been prevented from being fully aware of the majority of the information concerning the Italian patrimony, and from having any direct control of the interests of his assets. As a matter of fact, since his mother’s passing, the client’s interests had been deceitfully managed by his elder brother.


Therefore, the client asked Ekenberg & Andersson Esq. to assist and advise him in acquiring full control and direct management of the assets, which were acquired pursuant to the inheritance from his mother. The need of assistance depended mainly on the contrast between the client and his three siblings, who were all made into pro quota beneficiaries of the family’s assets by means of a complex trust and corporate structure involving the jurisdictions of Panama, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Italy; the latter country is where all of the real estate and operative companies are located.

As of December 2010, Thomas Ekenberg and Johan Sund involved Antonello Corrado, from the ILN Italian law firm of Corrado Ferrari Mainieri Pedeferri & soci, with whom they have established a strong collaboration for the assistance to the client. In relation to legal advice and assistance concerning the Liechtenstein jurisdiction, the law offices of Harry Gstoehl & Partner have also been involved, as well as wehinger kaelin ferrari ag, Switzerland.

The ILN firms have now successfully acquired, and are continuing to acquire thorough knowledge and control of the trust and corporate structure, full control of the assets for the client, and, in order to achieve and maintain the full and direct management of his interests, are continuing to provide legal advice.

The collaboration among the firms will likely extend to other jurisdictions, namely the UK, where collateral assistance is required.

The client has expressed full satisfaction with the assistance he has received, and has come to the decision to assign full responsibility of the management of his assets and investments, located in Sweden, Italy, and Germany, to Mr. Thomas Ekenberg, Mr. Antonello Corrado, and his attorney and legal advisor in Berlin, where the client made relevant investments in the real estate business some years ago.

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Blogging for Clients: How Online Relationships Lead to Real-World Clients (A Re-cap) Part I

Recently, I had the chance to sit in on a webinar with Kevin McKeown of LexBlog and Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing, as they discussed the topic of blogging for clients, focusing on how online relationships can lead to real-world clients.

Since this is a meaty topic, I’ll be breaking this up into multiple posts.

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Week of August 13, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

And just like that, we’re halfway through August! I hope everyone who is taking holidays this month is enjoying them, and getting ready to jump right back into the fray come September. As a kid, I loved school, so September is always my favorite month!

Without further ado, here are this week’s top posts from ILNToday – despite this being a traditionally slow month, we’re seeing some stellar content from our attorneys:

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