Zen & the Art of Legal Networking

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to LMA I go!

It’s that time of year again – time for legal marketers from all over the world to gather together to network, get inspired, and learn from each other. That’s right, it’s the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference!

In between networking and meetings, I’ll be attending a number of conference sessions and sharing my reviews of them here. Here’s what my schedule looks like:


  • First Timer’s Reception: It’s not my first LMA conference (in fact, it’s my seventh!), but I’ve been invited along with my friend, Nancy Myrland, to talk to some of the first timers about social media. I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces!
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Week of March 5, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

Last week, we experienced some technical difficulties while traveling in Asia for the ILN’s Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, so I was unable to bring you the roundup. We’re back this week, and I’m bringing you a quick top 10!

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: What you don’t say may speak volumes

Today, we have another great recommendation from rainmaking expert, Jaimie Field: What you don’t say can speak volumes. Her advice reminds me of my all-time favorite quote – “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin


After an extremely long day with clients, I stopped by my local book store – it’s one of the ways I like to relax.   Yes, while I have eBook readers, and the ability to download books onto every device in the world, I am a bit old fashioned.  I love the feel of books, of turning pages, the actual smell.  I even have a public library card that I still use. 

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ILN Marketing Roundtable: Connecting with Clients and Prospects

Recently, we’ve been looking more in-depth at the ILN Marketing Specialty Group roundtable, which focuses on what mid-sized firms are doing in social media.  Today, we look at question four, which asks “How do you and your firm connect with your firm’s top clients and top prospects via social media?”

Do Kim Dung: Leadco, as a firm, does not have connection to our firm’s top clients and top prospects via social media. Certain partners and associates within the firm do use Facebook and LinkedIn in their professional capacities to connect and communicate with clients and colleagues.

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Week of February 20, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

Happy Friday all! I’m traveling in Europe, so you’re getting your weekly roundup of ILNToday content early this Friday! Without further ado, a top seven…

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My Favorite Blogs

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Kevin O’Keefe on Blogging Basics.  During the call, I mentioned a couple of blogs that I recommend, and I thought I’d share my full list here, as well as my notes about each!

  • Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog: Tim’s blog makes me a better marketer, because he’s always making me think and challenging me to keep an open mind.
  • The Legal Shakeup: Rebecca Wissler and Laura Gutierrez author this blog, which offers stories and advice from two rising stars in the legal marketing industry.
  • Myrland Marketing: This is Nancy Myrland’s blog, where she offers marketing advice to the legal community, with a social media focus.
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Week of February 13, 2012 on ILNToday – Roundup!

Without further ado, some of this week’s top content from ILNToday:

  • A Tale of Two Trademark Appeals from Clark Wilson: In this post, Clark Wilson’s Larry Munn discusses two trademark appeals (as the title suggests!) – that of Clic International Inc. v. Convenience Food Industries (Private) Ltd., 2011 FC 1338 and David M. Locke v. Osler, Hoskin & Harbourt LLP, 2011 FC 1390.
  • First Circuit Limits SOX Whistleblower Protection to Employees of Public Companies from Epstein Becker & Green: In another discussion of appeals, EBG’s Christina Fletcher talks about the US Court of Appeal for the First Circuit’s decision, which narrows the scope of SOX whistleblower protection to employees of public companies, and not employees of their contractors or subcontractors who are private companies. 
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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Acknowledge Me!

Following up on our last Rainmaking Recommendation from expert Jaimie Field addressing the issues of why clients don’t come back, we have the next in the series – “Acknowledge me! ”

Reason #2 Why Client’s Don’t Come Back: You’re Unresponsive

In a continuation of the series on “Why Client’s don’t come back”, this Rainmaking Recommendation will address the number one reason why clients’ don’t come back – because you don’t respond to them.  

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ILN Marketing Roundtable: Social Media Policies

The last two weeks, we’ve been looking more in-depth at the ILN Marketing Specialty Group roundtable, which focuses on what mid-sized firms are doing in social media.  Today, we look at question three, which asks “Do you have a social media policy in place? If so, how are you handling training on both policies and proactive use of social media and tracking of results?” 

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Week of February 6, 2012 on ILN Today – Roundup!

Happy Friday all! It’s been a very busy week here at the ILN, which makes me feel as though this is a well-deserved weekend ahead. On to the roundup – because it’s been so busy this week, I’m going with a top 5!

  • You better get your 401(k) assets moving from McDonald Hopkins: McDonald Hopkins’ John Wirtshafter discusses the issue of employer contributions to 401(k) plans, identifying what the Department of Labor sees as a reasonable amount of time to make these contributions and what companies should do to make sure they’re complying.
  • IRS UPDATES GUIDANCE FOR W-2 REPORTING OF EMPLOYER-SPONSORED HEALTH COVERAGE from Davis & Gilbert: D&G’s bottom line on this sums it up best: “W-2s issued in 2013 for the 2012 tax year will need to reflect the cost of employer-sponsored group health coverage. Employers should immediately begin determining which of their group health coverages (including EAPs, wellness programs, and hospital and fixed indemnity plans) must be reported in accordance with the updated guidance.”  See the full article for additional details. 
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