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ILN Firm of the Month – Goodwins Law Corporation, Singapore

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Goodwins Law Corporation, Singapore!
This year is a special year for Goodwins, as it is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the legal industry. Being a commercially-minded law firm, with a deep understanding and appreciation of the realities in the commercial world, Goodwins focuses on the things that matter to its clients, which is reflected in its culture of Client Care and Quality Control.
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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: You Are Already a Salesperson – Embrace It!

Join us for this week’s rainmaking recommendation from trainer and coach, Jaimie Field.


We all know that attorneys hate the words “sales,” “selling,” “sell,” and so forth.  To lawyers, these words are genuinely offensive.

One of the biggest excuses I get for lawyers not becoming Rainmakers is “I didn’t go to law school to become a salesperson.”  In fact, I had used this excuse when I first started practicing.

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Law Firms: Strive for Color-Inclusion, not Color-Blindness

This afternoon, I have the great fortune to be sitting in on a program by the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession on “Deconstructing Racial Bias.” Their first speaker was Sharon Jones, the CEO of Jones Diversity Inc. and author of Mastering the Game: Strategies for Career Success. She had many brilliant and sobering things to share with the audience, but the one that she left us with was the idea that firms and companies shouldn’t be striving for color-blindness. You may be familiar with this idea as  people saying “I don’t see color,” or “the ideal world is where we don’t recognize color.” But what we should be striving for instead is color-inclusion.

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Lawyers – What do Your Clients Want? Hint: It Hasn’t Changed

Almost ten years ago, I attended a general counsel panel about achieving greater collaboration and the clients who participated shared their top takeaways for lawyers and law firms. I’m not sure whether it speaks to the constancy of the legal profession that this advice holds true for today, or we are just still not getting it, but while there are definitely some sophisticated clients needs in the market today, the basics remain the same:

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Law Firm ILN-telligence Podcast | Episode 24: David Gitlin, Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld

Join us for our latest episode of the Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast!

David Gitlin is a partner with Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld, a business law firm with an entrepreneurial spirit in Pennsylvania and a member of the International Lawyers Network. In this episode, Lindsay and David talk about the impacts of the pandemic and a changing profession on how young lawyers are trained and educated, the tension between culture and remote working, and how he’s managed to find time to pursue passions even while working more than ever.

Tune in below!
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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Permission Marketing

Join us for this week’s rainmaking recommendation from trainer and coach, Jaimie Field.


In this very brief Rainmaking Recommendation, I would like to both vent my annoyance as well as tell you how to avoid ticking off your clients and prospects.

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ILN Releases 5th Edition of Real Estate Publication, Offering a Summary of Key Real Estate Law Principles in 26 Countries

Our Real Estate group wants you to “treat yourself” to the latest edition of our real estate guide!

The International Lawyers Network’s Real Estate Specialty Group is excited to announce the fifth release of its real estate publication, “Buying & Selling Real Estate: An International Guide.” This collaborative electronic guide offers a summary of key real estate law principles in 28 jurisdictions across the globe, serving as a quick, practical reference for those buying and selling real estate in these jurisdictions.

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Using the Rainmaking Cycle to Become a Rainmaker (Part 3 – Creating Relationships)

Please join us for a guest post from rainmaking trainer and expert, Jaimie Field.


For the past 4 Rainmaking Recommendations, we have been discussing the Rainmaking Cycle.  Today, we discuss the last part, creating relationships. And while to some attorneys this may sound a bit woo-woo or spiritual, the truth is that people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

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“Self Care” isn’t just a Buzzword – it’s Good Business

I’m working on a new podcast with some friends of mine, and our topic for yesterday was the idea of “self care” and what it means. One of them mentioned that she hadn’t even heard the term “self-care” until 18 months ago, and while it was more familiar to me, we did delve into the idea that had it not been for the pandemic, we didn’t think it was something that we would have come to reflect on as much.

As someone with a MAJOR type-A personality (ask anyone who knows me), who is a wee bit of a workaholic, my idea of self care has always been things like guiltily scheduling a massage during one of the hours I get to myself during a work conference or not checking my email while with family (I live alone, so…that’s not very often). This might sound noble, but I assure you, it isn’t.

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ILN Releases 7th Edition of Corporate Publication, Offering a Summary of Key Corporate Law Principles in 45 Countries

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not that…the ILN’s Corporate Guide has been released!

The International Lawyers Network’s Corporate Specialty Group is delighted to announce the seventh release of its corporate publication, “Establishing a Business Entity: An International Guide.” This collaborative electronic guide offers a summary of key corporate law principles in 45 countries across the globe, serving as a quick, practical reference for those establishing an entity in these jurisdictions.

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