Zen & the Art of Legal Networking

Combining Your Passion with Relationship Development

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other night, I came across a post from a former ILN lawyer (shoutout to Craig Levey) who announced that he’ll be running the Boston Marathon in 20 weeks. What’s more, he’s using those 20 weeks as an opportunity to spend a training session each week with “a local executive, entrepreneur, or Boston personality,” and sharing that on social media. This is something I just love, and it’s also something you can emulate, without having to run the Boston Marathon (though, if that’s your goal, more power to you!).

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Parkinson’s Law and Rainmaking

While I’m out of the office today attending the Economist’s Annual General Counsel Conference in London, I’m bringing you another Rainmaking Recommendation from trainer and expert, Jaimie Field! I’m a big fan of Jaimie’s recommendations in this post, and use them myself – in fact, as a holdover from my days in high school (yes, that long ago), I still use a paper agenda to schedule my daily tasks, even breaking up long term projects so that I work on them a little bit every day to make progress. For me, it works really well to have a tangible list that I can cross things off of. I also create a monthly plan, which is tied into my overall operational plan for the ILN, which I review weekly to ensure that I’m maintaining continuity on my goals, and my organization’s goals.

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Lawyers: Can you Build Relationships with Data?

Over the last few years, data has become more and more popular a subject, as we try to quantify everything to do with our businesses. “Please don’t make me try to quantify my relationships TOO!” I can hear you opining. But I promise, the goal is a worthwhile one.

What is always our goal when it comes to any business development or relationship development tactic? Maximizing the benefit and maximizing efficiency, right?

In order to do that, it makes sense to implement the use of data, even in your relationship development activities.

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International Lawyers Network Welcomes a New Member Firm in Ecuador

We’re excited to announce our newest member firm in Ecuador, Izurieta Mora Bowen!

Throughout its almost 80 year-history, Izurieta Mora Bowen Law Firm has become one of the most recognized names, both nationally and internationally. Their commitment to professionalism, along with high ethics and morals, have made them a successful firm since they began operations in 1941. Their mission is to offer their clients and their businesses the peace of mind and security that comes with preventative advisory services, as well as comprehensive legal representation for unforeseen events. They provide appropriate and innovative services to complex challenges and have a focus on generating trust with their clients.

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Building Relationships: Connection Through Storytelling

Daily, we interact with lots of people – this happens in person, at our offices, in the coffee shop, at our kids’ sporting events or art classes. It happens online, through our group chats, text messages with friends, Facebook shares, LinkedIn comments, etc. We interact so much and so frequently, that we’ve reached a real saturation point with these interactions, and even with our professional messages, we can see a lack of care that a lot of us are giving to the details over the tools and the shiny new thing. Instead, we’re just blindly producing more and more and more and more, adding more noise (as Adrian Lurssen would say). 

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Follow Up For Success Revisited

In today’s rainmaking recommendation post, coach and trainer, Jaimie Field is talking about a huge pet peeve of mine – a lack of follow up, and the impact it can have on your business development efforts.


Way back in April 2014, I came across some sales statistics which floored me.  In Rainmaking Recommendation #95, I wrote about Following Up for Success.  There was a meme that was floating around that looked like this:

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: Tick Tock

Following on my recent post about the month of October, Jaimie Field is talking about the last twelve weeks of this year in her latest Rainmaking Recommendation. Also, I was able to negotiate a special rate for Zen readers on Jaimie’s upcoming roadmap class – see the details in her post below!


Time is running out on this year.

In 12 short weeks, the earth will have completed its 365-day orbit around the sun once again.  Look back at the past 40 weeks at when this year started.  Did you have dreams you wanted to achieve? Did you have plans for their attainment? Did you even have goals for this year?

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Why Building an Audience is Key for Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing can feel like the opportunity to be the author or podcaster or speaker that you’ve always wanted to be.

But when done strategically, it’s about building relationships with clients and potential clients, and providing additional value to them that will make you top of mind when they have a matter that requires your expertise. When you bear that in mind as an end goal, it’s a reminder that you can’t simply put out content – you need to build an audience. 

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Lawyers: What Does it Take to Get to the Top?

Recently, I was speaking with a group of  professional women about the skills they see as essential to “getting to the top.” CEO of Pure Performance Communications, Deirdre Breakenridge, put together an article, “Climbing the Ladder to Success: Five Thought Leaders Weigh-in with Advice,” collecting their answers, and I wanted to share mine with you here.

For me, the answer is three-fold: persistence, a willingness, and openness to always be learning, and a strong tribe.

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Lawyers: Four Weeks to Revitalize your Business Development

We are already facing down the last three months of 2019, and for many of us, that leaves us wondering where the year has gone, and how we can possibly meet the goals we’ve set.

But rather than throwing out these last three months and deciding to start “fresh” in 2020, let’s kickstart our business development efforts over the next four weeks with some goals and deadlines, and see what progress we can make. 

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