Week of February 10, 2014 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

It’s a blustery day here in south Jersey, where everything is frozen and we’re just south of where feet and feet of snow fell in the last week (as a side note, I would have liked snow, but we were stuck with rain and ice instead – most dreary!). But it’s sunny, and so to continue to brighten your day, I bring you our top posts from this week!

  • Preserving The Attorney-Client Privilege For In-House Counsel from Epstein Becker & Green: This post generated buzz here with the most views and responses from social media, as well as over at LexBlog by making it on to the day’s top ten. There’s some great advice in here for counsel, so it’s worth a read! 
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7 Ways to Position Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert Online

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing a special guest post with you from one of the ILN’s partners, Washington University School of Law’s online LLM program. We’re honored that they’ve partnered with us, and this post from Chelsea Wilson, their Community Relations Manager, has some excellent tips for positioning yourself as a subject matter expert – be sure to take notes! 

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EB-5 visa program rewards immigrants who create U.S. jobs

Arnstein & Lehr attorney Randall L. Sidlosca

Randall L. Sidlosca

Arnstein & Lehr Miami Partner Randall Sidlosca recently appeared on a November 25 Fox News Channel segment, “EB-5 Visa Program Rewards Immigrants Who Create U.S. Jobs.” The focus of the segment was how the EB-5 program works for immigrant investors and the upswing of participants in the initiative.

Mr. Sidlosca provided some insight into the program’s scope and benefits. He assists immigrant investors, which have the required capital and job creation capabilities, with finding investment projects nationwide. Mr. Sidlosca emphasized the benefits to both the foreign immigrant investor and the United States. He summed it up by saying the U.S. needs the creation of more jobs, and the immigrants receive a permanent green card and a beneficial place to invest their money. It is a win-win situation.

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Week of October 22, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

Things are getting exciting around here on the east coast, with Hurricane Sandy heading our way and scheduled to meet up with a tropical storm to become what weather forecasters are referring to as “Frankenstorm.” I’m hoping to avoid evacuation here on the coast, but I am all stocked up on supplies – best of luck to anyone in the storm’s path early next week!

In the meantime, we’ve had some great content this week, and see a lot of interest in some of the articles! So without further ado, here are this week’s top posts from ILNToday:

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Kochański Zięba Rapala & Partners represents a Newsweek journalist

Kochański Zięba Rapala & Partners is representing the Newsweek journalist, Cezary Łazarewicz in a case against Stowarzyszenie Dziennikarzy Polskich (Association of Polish Journalists).

Newsweek’s journalist Mr. Cezary Łazarewicz, is suing the Association of Polish Journalists for nominating him the “Hyena of the Year” for unflattering articles about the father of Lech Kaczyński (former President of The Republic of Poland) and Jaroslaw Kaczyński. The journalist claims that the Association of Polish Journalists is being untruthful in its justification of the nomination accusing Łazarewicz of using anonymous sources and spreading rumors in a written form. The Newsweek journalist demands that the Association of Polish Journalists publish an apology on its website, as well as in reputable newspapers i.e. in Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzeczpospolita, and pay PLN 20 000 to the benefit of the Home Hospice of the Marian Fathers (Hospicjum Domowe Zgromadzenia Księży Marianów). More…

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The Canada Report – with Insights from Aaron Singer, Clark Wilson

Without a doubt, companies face challenges when doing business in other countries. Whether they are just beginning to expand internationally or upholding their long-term global presence, businesses must continually navigate foreign customs, politics and rules in order to maintain successful operations outside their native countries.

But some companies—particularly U.S. companies—may find that conducting business in Canada presents far fewer challenges than operating in other nations overseas. One clear advantage is that Canada is geographically close to the U.S. Additionally, Canada and the U.S. share many cultural similarities.

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