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"Hitting the (Other) Links to Develop Your Rainmaking Game – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LinkedIn" – Part II

Yesterday, I talked about what improvements you  might want to make to your LinkedIn profile to get the best results from it.  Today, I’ll talk about the home page screen and why it’s useful to be logging in to LinkedIn periodically – I have LinkedIn set to open as one of the tabs on my browser, so every morning, I open Outlook and Chrome, go through my emails, and check on my browser tabs.  This includes taking a quick look (no more than five minutes) at my LinkedIn home page screen.  Lawyers, I know you’re busy, but if you make this part of your morning routine, you’ll only have to spend a few minutes looking at LinkedIn, you’ll stay up to date on what your network is doing, and you won’t have to try to remember to visit LinkedIn.

There are four things I find of particular importance on your home page screen (which looks like this):

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"Hitting the (Other) Links to Develop Your Rainmaking Game – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LinkedIn"

If you read my posts regularly, you’ll know that I have a passion for social media.  I don’t think it’s the be all and end all of business development tools, of course, but I do have a fondness for it and an interest in sharing that fondness with my attorneys.

So I jumped at the chance to present a more in-depth look at LinkedIn to our group at the 2011 23rd ILN Annual Meeting on Saturday morning.  I wanted to stick to what I thought were the most relevant points about LinkedIn, and what would give our attorneys the greatest impact – and for me, there was no greater joy than sitting with one of our attorneys during the subsequent breakout session and helping him fill out his profile, as he repeated back to me snippets of what I’d said. 

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Social Media Policy – Where to Start? Here’s A Sample

One of the things that came out of the social media panel I did with a few of our lawyers in Lisbon (more on that in a later post) was that our firms are all at different stages of development with social media.  I think that’s true for most firms.

A question that comes up frequently is whether firms have a social media, and how they should start crafting one.  The ILN’s founding firm, Epstein Becker & Green, has drafted a great social media policy that they’ve graciously allowed me to share here.  It’s a good starting point for your own firm’s social media policy, and can also be a tool for tweaking an existing policy.

Please click here to access the PDF of the policy.

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Actual Knowledge Necessary for Inducement, Mr. Norman Zivin, Cooper & Dunham

We kicked off the Saturday morning session with a presentation from Mr. Norman Zivin of one of the ILN’s member firms in New York, Cooper & Dunham, who reported on their recent involvement in a Supreme Court case and the implications for ILN member firms, both in the US and abroad.

Norman said that the case involved a deep fryer, a product made by their client, SEB, a French company in Lyon.  A number of years ago, they brought a lawsuit against a company in Hong Kong for infringement of the patent.  The opposing side defended on the grounds that they couldn’t have infringed the patent because the products were made and sold in China. They said that therefore, they don’t do any business in the United States and couldn’t have induced anyone to infringe, because they didn’t even know that SEB had a patent.

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Modernization of the States and of the Administration – Mr. Joao Tiago Silveira

During our 2011 23rd Annual Meeting, we were fortunate to welcome the Secretary of State for Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Joao Tiago Silveira, as our speaker.  His topic, “Modernization of the States and of the Administration,” covered the Portuguese government’s efforts to streamline their services by putting them online and making them more efficient.

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It’s Here! The ILN Launches its New Site – ILNToday

Today’s the big day! The International Lawyers Network is unveiling our new content-driven website at https://www.ilntoday.com. We gave our member firms a sneak peek at last week’s 23rd Annual Conference, and this week we’re revealing it to you!

The redesigned site embodies the latest technology to best serve the growing needs of ILN members and their clients, and provides a variety of benefits, including:

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LinkedIn Best Practices

I’m just back from our 2011 23rd Annual Meeting in Lisbon, and I’ll have lots to share with you over the next week or so.  But what’s fresh in my mind this morning is our session on LinkedIn from Saturday morning – I’d like to share some best practices for LinkedIn, which can be particularly useful when you’re just returning from any conference:

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The ILN’s 23rd Annual Meeting is Underway!

We’re here in Portugal, and the ILN’s 23rd Annual Meeting is underway – we had a wonderful welcome reception and dinner last night and a very informative business session this morning.  Here’s a few photos for your viewing pleasure from the meeting!

Our Chairman and Executive Director chat before the meeting starts

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Ask Friday! Business Travel Prep Edition

Today’s Ask Friday! question comes from our very own Executive Director, Alan Griffiths, who asked me to share with you some tips for getting ready for a business trip.  We’ve all got our own lists and prep routines, but this has been on my mind this week while we’re getting ready to head over to Lisbon for our Annual Meeting.

So here are my Top Ten Tips for Business Travel Prep – feel free to add yours in the comments!

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Are You Ready?

The ILN’s new website will be launched on June 14, 2011 and I can’t wait! It’s no longer going to be your typical law firm website, and both the ILN and our web designer/host, LexBlog are so excited for you to see the results.

Stay tuned…


Countdown To the ILN’s New Website!

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