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Swiss challenges method-solicited proposal for development


Infrastructure development and its advancement is the first indicator of the level of growth of a nation. While the Government of India has explored various options for a speedy and efficient development of the country’s infrastructure, there are still many a gaps in the Indian infrastructure growth story.

Traditionally, the conceptualization, designing and planning of an infrastructure project is undertaken by the government followed by tenders and awards for such projects to the selected bidders. The government usually uses the least cost method or the quality and cost based selection method for granting these tenders and encourages the public private partnership for effecting the projects.  However, a private sector entity may also take the initiative and pursue the government suo moto for development of social infrastructure projects. To avoid allegations of arbitrariness, unfairness and biasness, the most common method adopted by the government in granting approval to such unsolicited proposals is the Swiss Challenge Method (“the Method”).

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