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The Supreme Administrative Court Says “No” to Petroleum Companies “Black List”

A security company, Stanley Security Sverige AB, has created an innovative system to register car drivers who fill up fuel at a petrol station and leave without paying.

The actual system was planned to be carried out in the following way: If a car leaves without paying, the staff at the petrol station will send information of the car (the vehicle registration number, car model, unpaid amount etc.) to a central database, which registers the information on the “black-list”. When the same car arrives to other petrol stations which are connected to the database, a special camera at the petrol station monitors the vehicle registration plate and compares automatically with the registered vehicle numbers on the black-list. If the car is on the black-list, the staff will be notified and can demand that a payment shall be made in advance. After the car has been registered on the black-list, the car owner will be informed and given an opportunity to object to a potentially erroneous registration.

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