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Superbowl Commercials – Honorable Mention 2014

Since I already had ten “good” Superbowl commercials for this year, I felt that adding another three would be crazy talk. So instead, I’m bringing you those spots as honorable mentions – spots that I really liked, but maybe missed the mark for one reason or another (or just weren’t *as* good as the top ten).

The first is a spot that I just loved: 

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Superbowl Commercials – The Bad 2014

For a change, there were very few commercials in this year’s crop that I truly hated, so it was tough to come up with a “bad” and “ugly” list. However, there were a number of commercials that I felt particularly blah about, or just thought that they really missed the mark with a big opportunity.

In more than a few cases, I was surprised that a company would spend so much money both on the commercial itself, and on the ad space, only to fall flat. And in other cases, I thought the hype about the commercial built it up to be something great, only to have the execution be less than memorable. 

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Superbowl Commercials – The Good 2014 (Part II)

Yesterday, we kicked off the start of my Superbowl commercials review with five of my favorites. Let’s keep the positivity going for another day with five more good commercials (before we head into the bad and the ugly!).

It’s interesting to see how subjective these choices are (and goes back to my favorite quote, which is from Anais Nin – “We see things not as they are, but as we are”). There are many lists I’ve seen and favorites quoted that I just hated, and so many of my preferred commercials didn’t make it to anyone’s top lists.  So add your thoughts to the comments – which were your hits and misses? 

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Superbowl Commercials – The Good 2014 (Part I)

I feel like such a nerd saying this, but I LOVE commercials.

Not all commercials, mind you, but commercials that are really well done make me very happy. I have been known to *not* skip through the commercials while watching a show that I’ve DVRd. Really.

So, although I like football (I mean, it’s not hockey or anything), what I love most about Superbowl Sunday is the commercials. And maybe the cake I made in the shape of a football field.

Last year, I was really disappointed in many of the choices that brands made, and I remember wondering why they would spend so much on ad space for a commercial that was so-so, or downright offensive. I didn’t feel that way this year – there were so many spots that were just brilliant, clever or funny, so I know I’ll have a hard time of narrowing it down! 

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