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Une anglophone de bonne foi : tips on how to survive and strive as an anglophone in a French university

My first semester at Université de Montréal was to say the least an adjustment. Coming straight from Cegep I had never studied in French before, and here I was beginning law school in my second language. At the time, it was hard to truly describe where I fit in amongst my primarily francophone classmates, until one of my professors (in response to my apology about a French mistake that I had made while asking a question), endearingly called me an «anglophone de bonne foi». Sure, French was not my first language; sure, my French was not perfect-but I was trying.

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Course aux stages for students outside of Montreal: A Survival Guide

Participating in the Course aux Stages is without a doubt stressful, but doing so from a university outside of Montreal? It’s a whole other game.

To succeed in my Course experience and survive the stress of traveling between Ottawa and Montreal, I had to take special precautions that many of my Montreal-based counterparts never had to do. Follow my advice and you may just survive.

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