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Changes to Strata Property Act pave the way for strata redevelopment

New strata corporation wind-up rules effective today. We can help.

This is very big news. And very good news. Today the provincial government issued the following press release:

Proposed amendment to the Strata Property Act

A proposed change to the Strata Property Act will make it easier for owners to terminate a strata corporation by lowering the voting threshold from unanimous to 80%.

 Owners may wish to terminate their strata corporation for several reasons. As older strata corporations reach the end of their life cycle, major building and common property components start to fail, resulting in expensive repair bills. In some cases, strata owners want to sell the property to a developer who can put it to better or more profitable uses. For example, strata members living in a low-rise building on a large property may see the opportunity to have the land redeveloped into a larger building with more units.

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Form G – Certificate of Lien: Checklist of What Charges to Include

By Nancy Vianello

Strata Property Act, SBC 1998, c. 43, s. 116

Determine claims pursuant to s. 116(1) of the Strata Property Act which may be included in the lien amount. This amount may include:

  1. arrears of strata fees;
  2. arrears of special levy(ies);
  3. interest on arrears of strata fees if charged pursuant to a Bylaw and in accordance with the Act; or
  4. costs of work done to a strata lot pursuant to a Work Order issued by a governmental authority.
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