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"The 15 In HR 1151; Landmark Bill Marks A Milestone," Steve LaTourette mentioned

McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies President Steve LaTourette was mentioned in the HighBeam Research article “The 15 In HR 1151; Landmark Bill Marks A Milestone.”

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Former Congressman LaTourette discusses political and policy landscape during McDonald Hopkins’ Business Hour

Cleveland, Ohio (August 1, 2013) – Today former U.S. Rep. Steve LaTourette, the current President of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies, was the featured speaker at the Cleveland office of McDonald Hopkins law firm.

Former Representative LaTourette, a nine-term member of Congress from northeast Ohio, spoke for an hour about the current political and policy landscape in Washington, D.C. In a wide-ranging discussion before a packed house, Congressman LaTourette spoke frankly about the challenges to governing that exist in Washington today.

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"The Honorable Steve LaTourette addresses OAR delegation," Ohio Association of Realtors

Steve LaTourette spoke during the Opening Luncheon of the Ohio Association of Realtors Legislative/ Spring Conference.

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Former Rep. Steve LaTourette says spending during Bush and Obama years led to the government’s fiscal problems, LaTourette featured in PolitiFact Ohio

Steven LaTourette was featured in the PolitiFact Ohio article “Former Rep. Steve LaTourette says spending during Bush and Obama years led to the government’s fiscal problems.”

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"Ex-lawmakers go to lobbying-related jobs," USA Today, Steve LaTourette mentioned

McDonald Hopkins’ Government Strategies President, Steve LaTourette was mentioned in the USA Today article, “Ex-lawmakers go to lobbying-related jobs.”

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Sens. Dick Durbin and Bob Corker on chances of budget compromise; battle over GOP’s future

On Sunday, March 17, 2013, Steve LaTourette was featured on Fox News Sunday.

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"LaTourette reflects on 18 years in U.S. House," Aurora Advocat

Steve LaTourette, President of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies, was featured in the Aurora Advocat article, “LaTourette relects on 18 years in U.S. House.”

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"After ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate, the State of the GOP," Steve LaTourette interviewed by NPR

Former Congressman Steve LaTourette of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies was interviewed by NPR on the Political Junkie program “After ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate, the State of the GOP.”

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