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Spousal Permits & the Rights of Bahamian Women

Quite recently, amendments to the Immigration Act Chapter 191, section 30, Subsections 2, 3 and 4 were introduced as touching the distribution of spousal permits to spouses of Bahamian nationals.

As it applies today, for the fee of  $350.00 (including processing fee), foreign spouses of Bahamian nationals may apply for a Resident Spouse Permit, which would permit them to legally live and work in The Bahamas, provided that they live with their Bahamian spouse and would have been married for less than five years, at the time of application. This provision (implemented February 3rd 1997) was intended to reduce the number of applications for citizenship and to give foreign spouses of Bahamians a ‘trial
period’ as it were, to confirm, as best as could happen, that the marriage was legitimate and not contrived out of convenience. More…

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