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Davis Malm Sponsors Boston Modern Orchestra Project’s Boston ConNECtion Series

Boston Modern Orchestra Project is widely recognized as the leading orchestra in the United States dedicated exclusively to performing new music, and its signature record label, BMOP/sound, is the nation’s foremost label launched by an orchestra and solely devoted to new music recordings. 

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TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE sponsored the Vilnius University team that took part in the international competition of law students in The Hague

Law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE sponsored the Vilnius University team of students from the Faculty of Law that took part in the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition of the International Court of Justice that was held in The Hague. This competition, which is attended by law students from universities from the entire Europe, has been organised since 1977.

In this prestigious competition, with student teams from 27 European universities participating this year, the Vilnius University was represented by the second-year student Ieva Matusevičiūtė, third-year students Virgilijus Pajaujis and Tadas Varapnickas and the fifth-year student Gintarė Taluntytė. The doctoral student Gintarė Pažereckaitė of the Faculty of Law of the Vilnius University assisted the team in getting ready for the competition. The participants’ presentations were evaluated by experts of international law from all over the world, whereas the finals were refereed by judges from the International Court of Justice L. Skotnikov, Ch. Greenwood and K. Keith.

During the competition the students analysed such problematic issues of international law as applicability of universal jurisdiction, when a person is suspected of genocide crimes, application of international and sovereign immunities to officers of another country and legitimacy of kidnapping a foreign citizen in order to have him tried in one’s own country.

TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE is glad having an opportunity to contribute to the well-rounded education of young lawyers.

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