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Digital Legacies: Our presence from the digital graveyard

As technology evolves, so does the way we store information and keep our most personal and cherished possessions. Has this ever left you pondering what happens to your social media accounts or digital assets when you pass away?

Over the past decade we have seen the continued rise of social media and the steady growth of virtual assets. With many people now storing an enormous amount of their personal property online, Will makers are increasingly being advised to leave clear instructions in relation to their digital legacies.

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“What happens to your social media accounts when you die?” Sara Jodka featured in Columbus Business First

Email, social networks and online accounts for everything from banking to music all hold value. Digital assets include life stories told through social networks and photos, songs, blogs, musings and notes stored online. An entrepreneur’s business plans or registered domain names can be worth millions of dollars. All of these assets need to be protected, and companies and individuals should take steps to preserve access to these records and items of value, especially after a person’s death. Individuals can address the issue through estate planning. Businesses need a more detailed approach. 

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The Pinning Rules

In addition to “friending,” “liking,” “tweeting,” and “checking in,” the social-media savvy have added “pinning” to their repertoire as Pinterest.com has taken off more than 1 billion page views per month.

As with other social networks or sites that have significantly increased traffic over a very short time, the rules of engagement, particularly for brands, are not yet entirely clear. However, we know that social media marketers have a continuing desire to drive traffic and monetize the ever-growing word-of-mouth engagement power of social networking.

They want to make sure their brand is not late to the pinning party.

Below are some of the key legal issues that brands will need to consider when joining the legions of pinners. More…

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