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The "Googling Juror"

In an on-line article titled, “Rely on Instructions to Curb the Socially Networked Juror” (3/19/12), Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm writes that “the ‘Googling Juror’ has emerged as a massive concern in the courts with plenty of stories on the process being thrown into mistrial by panelists who had to look up a fact, couldn’t take their finger off the Tweet button, and felt the need to “friend” parties, attorneys, and other jurors.” Dr. Broda-Bahm references a new article in the Duke Law & Technology Review (St. Eve & Zuckerman, 2012) titled, “Ensuring an Impartial Jury in the Age of Social Media” that discusses a survey of 140 former jurors. He quotes a juror as saying that “nothing” could prevent her from using social media during the trial. The good news is that of a sample of 140 jurors surveyed, only 6 reported a temptation to use social media during their trial, and none of those 6 succumbed to the temptation.

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