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Social Media & Employment: Designing A Digital Conduct Policy

In a recent decision, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) found that the dismissal of a former canal worker was proportionate after he posted on his Facebook account that he had been drunk while on a standby shift and made derogatory comments about has supervisors. Although this was the first Scottish appellate decision dealing with the issue of social media misconduct, the EAT did not require any “special rules” regarding social media but decided the case according to the ordinary principles of employment law. 

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Blogging for Enhancing Conferences & Events

Next week, I have the pleasure of joining my fellow co-leaders for the Social Media Special Interest Group for the Legal Marketing Association in presenting a webinar on using social media to ramp up conferences and events. My part of the session will focus on blogging, so I thought I’d offer you a preview of my remarks here! LMA members can attend the webinar by registering here.

You may be surprised to hear that blogging can be a valuable tool for ramping up your conferences and events, but it’s actually quite a valuable one, and one I use often (if you are a regular Zen reader, you’ll be familiar with my recaps).  There are two sides to this, the attendee side, and the organizer side, and I’ll cover both. 

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Two for Tuesdays: What the Hashtag?

For today’s Two for Tuesdays, I’m cheating a little and giving you a preview of a post I’ve written as part of the 12 Days of Social Media, which the Legal Marketing Association‘s Social Media Shared Interest Group is putting together.  As a side note, our 12 Days posts are open to everyone (not just LMA members), and I encourage you to read through them – there are some great tips and tools in there! 

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Employment Tribunal Awards £30,000 to Employee Dismissed over Liking Facebook Comment

A food inspector has been awarded over £30,000 by an employment tribunal after an Employment Judge deemed his dismissal for liking a comment on Facebook amounted to unfair dismissal.

Alan Blue worked as a meat hygiene inspector for the Foods Standards Agency and was based at an abattoir in Wishaw. He was dismissed from his role after liking a comment on Facebook written by a former employee about the abattoir manager, which said:

“lucky a never f***ed a chair aff his heed”.

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Employees & Social Media Use

In the Three D, LLC d/b/a Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille decision issued on August 22, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled against a non-union restaurant based on management terminating employees as the result of the employees’ Facebook postings.  The decision illustrates why both unionized and non-union employers need to be aware of […]

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Two for Tuesdays: Twitter Edition!

It’s another Two for Tuesdays, and we’re finally into September! It doesn’t feel that way here in New Jersey, where it’s almost 90 degrees and very high humidity – this might not be so bad if I hadn’t lost my furnace in a flood almost four weeks ago, resulting in NO air conditioning. The new furnace is being installed tomorrow and Thursday, but in the meantime, we are melting over here!

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Standing Out in a Sea of Content: A Webinar Recap

Yesterday, the LMA Social Media SIG group was treated to a wonderful webinar, which focused on the 2014 State of Digital and Content Marketing Strategy survey done by Greentarget, Zeughauser Group, and ALM. The webinar featured John Corey (@jecorey), the president and founder of Greentarget, and Mary K. Young (@MaryKYoungZG), a partner at Zeughauser Group. 

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ILN Today Post

Updating social media policies: the letter and spirit of the law

Social media is a part of everyone’s daily life. Agencies use a variety of social media channels – such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest – to promote their clients as well as themselves. Companies utilize these platforms to promote their own brands. Additionally, it is often expected – or at least accepted – that employees will communicate in social media and blogs about their jobs. More…

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Two for Tuesdays: More LinkedIn

The weather is finally beautiful here on this Two for Tuesdays – low humidity and low heat, just the way I like it!

Another thing I like, as you may know, is LinkedIn. Our first Two for Tuesdays post offered two tips for LinkedIn, and there’s so much to gain from it that I’m back to bring you two more! The first post focused mostly on what changes you could make to your profile, while today, we’ll look at what you should be doing in terms of your usage of LinkedIn.

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Bringing Law Firms "Back to The Future" of Social Media

Only one thing could bring me in from my vacation, and that was the Legal Marketing Association’s Social Media Shared Interest Group’s webinar with Peter Shankman (@petershankman) and Jasmine Trillos-Decarie (@jasminedecarie), entitled “Bringing Law Firms ‘Back to The Future’ of Social Media.”

I wasn’t alone in thinking that, if the tweetstream was any indication – valuable tidbits from the conversation were flying over on Twitter! We even had a legal marketer join the LMA just to be able to attend the webinar, and she said it was well worth it! 

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