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A LinkedIn Challenge

iStock_000023864354XSmallLast week, I was listening to a podcast with Jabez LeBret, CMO of Get Noticed Get Found – the podcast was on the 5 Things You Should Never Do on LinkedIn, and of course the title got my attention.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what those are – it’s only about 30 minutes long, so head on over for a listen.

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Gary M. Feldman to Present at CCUA’s Southern Massachusetts Chapter Meeting

Mr. Feldman will discuss current employment law issues, including medical marijuana in the workplace, the enactment of new employee leave laws, recent social media court cases, and employee misclassification of consultants of consultants and exempt employees under the National Labor Relations Act. 

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ILN Today Post

Social Media: How to Maximise Consumer Engagement without Breaching the Law

When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, companies need to manage consumer interactions carefully to contain legal risk.

We explored the issues at our seminar in Melbourne last week on Social Media: How to Maximise Consumer Engagement without Breaching the Law.  The seminar was attended by more than 110 people from a range of industries including FMCG, property management, sports, and advertising and marketing.

Below is a summary of key points from each of the presenters at the seminar.  If you missed it, we will also be presenting the seminar in Sydney on 30 November 2015 – let us know if you’d like to attend.

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Emoji Marketing: Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Apple-Emoji-KeyboardI’m (hopefully) rounding up a rather intense fall full of travel, with a trip to Boston for the Legal Marketing Association’s Northeast Conference, where I’m speaking on Content Marketing (my favorite subject!). We had two guest posts last week, and you’re lucky to be getting a republished post this week. This article originally appeared on Sprout Social‘s blog.  They are talking about something that’s a little out of our comfort zone here in legal – emoji marketing. Molly Porter of Seyfarth Shaw spoke about this at the LMA Technology Conference recently, so it’s not altogether foreign in legal, and worth paying attention to.  See how Sprout Social talks about other companies using emoji marketing as well! 

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Comments Made on Social Media Allowed Employer to Fairly Dismiss

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has deemed that comments made on social media by an employee of British Waterways Board (BWB) about his employer could allow for that employee to be fairly dismissed.

The worker, who was part of a team responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of canals and reservoirs had taken legal action after he was dismissed for making comments on Facebook about his employer and his working conditions. 

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Preview: 2015 State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey

iStock_000007887592XSmallMany of us in legal marketing wait with bated breath for the results of the Greentarget “State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey” every year.

Building on Greentarget’s inaugural study in 2010, [it gives us] the latest insights on how corporate general counsel – your clients – are engaging in social media and law firm-generated content.”

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Use Social Media to Ignite Your Content Marketing

iStock_000021185501SmallIt’s no secret that I love social media – I was an early adopter, and I still regularly engage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And it’s even less of a secret that I love content marketing, if 9 months’ worth of Two for Tuesdays’ posts have given you any indication.

The connection between the two is a fairly clear one – social media provides an excellent array of distribution channels for you to deliver your content to your intended audiences. That’s a lot of marketing-speak, I know, but basically, all I’m saying is that if you want to get the words, thoughts, and ideas that showcase what a smart, talented and passionate lawyer or legal professional you are in front of the people that matter to you, an important way to make that happen is by being in the same places they are. 

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It’s Handled: How Confident Are You in Your Social Media Reputation?


Yesterday, I had the privilege of moderating an LMA webinar with Lance Godard, the Client Relationship Management for Fisher & Phillips, and Mark Elliott, the Director of Business Development & Human Resources at Eastman & Smith on “Reputation Management and Social Media.”

I consider myself a fairly savvy social media user, and a regular, responsible manager of my online reputation, but I learned quite a bit of new information during yesterday’s session, which I want to pass along to Zen readers for your benefit as well! 

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The Best Instagram Advice You’re Not Taking


You’ve probably heard of it, and you’re wondering, what does that have to do with lawyers and law firms? There’s no WAY that can be used for professional services marketing, right?

Think again! 

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Part 2: FTC Updates its Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Endorsement Guides

As I mentioned last week, I will be continuing to discuss the FTC’s updated answers to its FAQs. This week, Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Partner Allison Fitzpatrick and I will focus on influencers and ambassadors, celebrity endorsements, and social media and promotions. Stay tuned for our last post in the series on online reviews, employee endorsements, monitoring. 

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