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Rainmaking Recommendation with Jaimie Field: Social Media Marketing v. Social Media Networking

In today’s rainmaking recommendation from expert and coach, Jaimie Field, learn the difference between social media marketing and social media networking, and why you need both in your arsenal.

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Recent FDA Social Media Marketing Enforcement Actions and the Likely Impact of Social Media Promotion Guidance

In recent years, guidance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA” or “Agency”) for industry on the use of social media has continued to evolve in incremental steps, but the pharmaceutical and medical device industries continue to await more comprehensive guidance regarding the use of social media for drug, biologic, and medical device product communications. Beginning with the “sponsored link” warning letters to 14 pharmaceutical manufacturers in April 2009 and through the most recent untitled letter involving social media promotion sent to Swiss drug manufacturer Institut Biochimique SA (“IBSA”) in February 2014, much of FDA’s guidance on the use of social media for product communications has come in the form of untitled and warning letters to manufacturers. These letters demonstrate, in particular, that FDA has been independently scrutinizing social media outlets, including Facebook,[1] Twitter,[2] and YouTube,[3] and offer a window into FDA’s nascent social media policies.

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ILN Marketing Roundtable: Connecting with Clients and Prospects

Recently, we’ve been looking more in-depth at the ILN Marketing Specialty Group roundtable, which focuses on what mid-sized firms are doing in social media.  Today, we look at question four, which asks “How do you and your firm connect with your firm’s top clients and top prospects via social media?”

Do Kim Dung: Leadco, as a firm, does not have connection to our firm’s top clients and top prospects via social media. Certain partners and associates within the firm do use Facebook and LinkedIn in their professional capacities to connect and communicate with clients and colleagues.

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