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You Won’t Get Anywhere Without Relationship Equity










We’ve talked a lot in recent posts about the idea of “relationship equity” and I’d like to revisit it again today – it particularly struck me as a friend of mine recently accepted a job offer and when she announced the company she was working for, suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork to ask her for favors and help. Many of those people aren’t connections she’s regularly in touch with – in other words, they have no relationship equity with her. It reminded me of another story.

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Two for Tuesdays: Building Social Equity

Today’s Two for Tuesdays comes via a suggestion from my friend, Nancy Myrland (@nancymyrland), who is helping me battle today’s writer’s block! She recommended I look at two ways to build social equity – social equity is generally considered to be a term of use in social media, whereby you build your credibility online to increase your perceived value by others. But it can also apply in all networking and business that we do – how do we get people to perceive us as valuable to them? 

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