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CIPD comments on Shared Parental Leave

As the Government’s consultation on the administration of Shared Parental Leave draws to a close, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has reiterated its support for the proposals but highlighted some technicalities that will require close attention to ensure the new system is beneficial to employers and employees alike.

The CIPD has long supported the move towards a more equal sharing of childcare responsibilities between working mothers and fathers.

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Government seeks views on shared parental leave

Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson has announced a new consultation exercise, in which businesses and working families are invited to submit their views on how the system for shared parental leave and pay will work.

Responses to the consultation will influence how the Government legislates under the Children and Families Bill 2013, which was introduced earlier this month and includes the proposals for shared parental leave and flexible working.

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