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THINK! urges motorcyclists to ‘stay in control’

A new THINK! road safety initiative to encourage motorcyclists to improve their defensive riding skills has been launched by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

The ‘stay in control’ campaign – which has been developed with partners from the motorcycle industry – advises motorcyclists to ride defensively and seek further training to sharpen their skills. The campaign will run throughout the peak riding season this spring and summer, when, historically, the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured on the roads sees an increase.

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Spending cuts threaten road safety

Travelling on Britain’s roads can be dangerous for all road users, whether they are in vehicles, on bikes, or on foot. Therefore the news that the Government intends to cut public spending on road safety campaigns has been greeted with concern by one of the country’s road safety charities.

Road casualty figure remain high

The number of road traffic accidents suffered by travellers on our roads was revealed in the latest road casualty figures from the Department for Transport.

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Radical proposals to improve road safety in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Environment Minister, Alex Attwood, has proposed radical changes in driver training and new driver safety. The new measures which reflect best practice around the world, are a fundamental shift towards safer driving among young people.

The Minister’s plans include:

  • lower provisional licence age of 16½;
  • a mandatory minimum learning period of 12 months for provisional licence holders;
  • post test period will be two not one year;
  • removal of the 45 mph speed restriction currently applied to learner and restricted drivers;
  • learner drivers will be allowed to take lessons on motorways when accompanied by a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor in a dual-controlled car;
  • and in a new initiative, new drivers up to age 24 will not be allowed to carry young passengers (aged 14 to 20, except immediate family members) during their first six months post-test, unless there is a supervising driver over 21, with three years full licence in the passenger seat.
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