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Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Co-Worker Non-Solicitation Clause

Of the various types of post-employment restrictions imposed on employees, a restriction on the recruitment of former co-workers (sometimes referred to as a “no-poach” or “anti-raiding” clause) is the type most likely to be enforced by a court. As a result, this is one type of post-employment restriction that is frequently drafted without the careful thought generally put in to traditional non-competes and client non-solicitation clauses.  But in what could be a foreshadowing of closer judicial scrutiny of co-worker non-solicitation clauses nationwide, the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently held that the Wisconsin non-compete statute applies to such clauses, and that the particular clause in question was unenforceable because it was not “reasonably necessary for the protection of the employer.”

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Andra Rubene on recruiting additional legal specialists in 2013, „Dienas Bizness”

Andra Rubene

In the 7 January 2013 edition of newspaper “Dienas Bizness”, Andra Rubene, partner and attorney at law of TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE talks about the plans of the law office to recruit additional legal specialists for their team this year.

Andra Rubene notes that at the moment the greatest demand in the market is for legal solutions to complex and atypical situations, but at the same time the demand for universal solutions to standard situations, as well as for day–to-day legal services is also increasing. The demand creates necessity for professionals with different qualifications and experience.

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