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John L. Ropiequet mentioned in Illinois Supreme Court decision

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney John L. Ropiequet

John L. Ropiequet

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner John L. Ropiequet was prominently mentioned in a recent opinion by the Illinois Supreme Court, In re Thomas, where an opponent of his was disciplined by the court and given a one-year suspension from the practice of law. The opponent continued to represent his clients in a case that Mr. Ropiequet was handling for a banking client of the firm by representing his clients in depositions that Mr. Ropiequet took of them and then appearing in court for them after he was given an earlier eighteen-month suspension from practice for failing to report drunk driving convictions to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

Mr. Ropiequet reported this unauthorized practice of law to the ARDC and testified against the attorney at an evidentiary hearing. The ARDC’s Hearing Board recommended that the attorney be suspended for two years because of this and other charges, but the Review Board held that the charges against the attorney did not constitute misconduct and voted to dismiss all charges. The ARDC’s Administrator appealed from this determination and the Supreme Court reversed the Review Board’s decision, ordering a one-year suspension. The court held that the attorney’s unauthorized practice involved dishonesty or misrepresentation because he willfully ignored John’s attempts to notify him that he could no longer practice law. The court noted Mr. Ropiequet”s affidavit attached to the disciplinary complaint quoting the attorney as threatening to “punch your teeth down your throat” for telling his clients that they were no longer represented following the suspension.

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