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RAC Roundup: Preparing for the Prepayment Review Demonstration Project

by Daniel E. Gospin and Amy F. Lerman

As part of continued efforts to expand the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (“RAC”) program, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced in November 2011 the implementation of a demonstration project that will allow RACs to conduct prepayment reviews on certain types of Medicare claims that historically have resulted in high rates of improper payments.

The prepayment review demonstration project will focus these efforts in 11 states—seven of which were selected because they have significant populations of fraud- and error-prone providers, and four states were selected for having relatively high claims volumes of short inpatient (“one day”) stays. The demonstration project is expected to begin in the summer of 2012.

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RAC Roundup: What’s on the Horizon for Medicare Part C and D RACs? Medicaid RAC Implementation Is Underway

by Pamela D. Tyner, Amy Lerman, and Lesley R. Yeung

The Recovery Audit Contractor (“RAC”) program is a national program aimed at identifying Medicare program overpayments and underpayments through a review of individual Medicare claims by contractors paid on a contingency fee basis. Over the next year, the RAC program will expand its reach beyond the current focus on fee-for-service payments under Medicare Parts A and B to include Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (Prescription Drug Benefit) as well as state Medicaid programs. As Medicaid RAC programs get underway in the states, and private insurers offering coverage under Medicare Part C and D prepare for new, yet still undefined, RAC efforts, it is more important than ever for providers to make sure that their processes for documentation, billing, and coding are accurate and comprehensive.

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