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Contributed to a property purchase? Here’s how to protect your investment

Buying a property is often the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime.  It therefore stands to reason that people want to ensure that their investment is protected.  The recent case of Haque v Raja[1]provides a reminder that, if you don’t appear on the title of a registered property that you’ve contributed to and you don’t live in it as well, you must protect your interest.Ownership of a property may be divided into the ‘legal’ ownership and the ‘beneficial’ ownership.  The legal owner is the person (or persons) recorded as owning the title of the property at the Land Registry (most properties are registered these days), while the beneficial owner is the person (or persons) having the benefit of the property.  While often the same people have both the legal and beneficial ownership, there may be circumstances where the position is less straightforward.

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