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Daniel T. Janis Presents at BBA Workshop

On June 21, Davis Malm associate Daniel T. Janis, presented at the Boston Bar Association (BBA) event, “The Life of a Deal: Nuts and Bolts of a Stock Purchase Transaction.” Mr. Janis spoke with new attorneys on the primary components of a stock purchase agreement, the most important levers in the agreement, and how the mindset of a seller and a buyer differs when negotiating the terms of the agreement.

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Lucas Burke Presents to Members of Ellevate

On March 15, Davis Malm attorney Lucas Burke presented the breakfast program, “Estate Planning Fundamentals: Taking the First Steps in Creating Your Estate Plan,” to members of the women’s professional networking group Ellevate. Mr. Burke provided a basic understating of the estate planning and probate process, including definitions of common terms. He also offered effective guidelines and strategies to help attendees organize their assets, as well as tips for planning outside of estate documents.

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Preparing for BC’s new Water Sustainability Act

Aaron Singer prepared a presentation for the BC Fruit Growers Association on compliance with BC’s new Water Sustainability Act. The act regulates ground and surface water in addition to dams and wells. Check out the presentation to learn more.

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Devon A. Kinnard Presents at the CCUA’s Lending Network Meeting

On January 13, Davis Malm shareholder Devon A. Kinnard presented at the Cooperative Credit Union Association’s (CCUA) Lending Network Meeting. Mr. Kinnard’s half-day presentation focused on Member Business Loans.

Mr. Kinnard focuses his practice on a variety of commercial transactions, including commercial loans, private securities offerings, private equity capital raises, joint venture and syndicated financings, mergers and acquisitions, and transactions arising out of the day-to-day operations of businesses.

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Craig D. Levey to present to Canadian Tech Companies

On September 24, Davis Malm attorney Craig D. Levey will present “Navigating Employment Law Issues Between the United States and Canada” at a Lunch and Learn session hosted by the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Mr. Levey will address the local employment laws, rules, and regulations that impact Canadian businesses with an American presence to ensure they are adequately protected and not at risk of liability within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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