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Trump’s Branding Problem

Donald Trump came to the White House with the lowest approval rating ever for an incoming president. From a branding perspective, things have not been getting better. On the 144th day of his presidency, Trump hit a 60% disapproval rating, giving him the dubious distinction of being the fastest to ever reach that mark (beating George H.W. Bush, who took 1,290 days to get there).

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State-of-the-state speeches continue

Last week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and California Governor Jerry Brown delivered their state-of-the-state speeches. Here are the highlights of each:


Gov. Rauner’s state-of-the-state address did not dodge the problems and uncertainties that the Prairie State faces, but his tone was more optimistic than antagonistic, in contrast to his typical stance. Instead of blaming his colleagues for the mess that the state is in, he suggested that they work together. By doing so, he assured, “we can overcome any obstacle. We have the best people and best location of any state in America. Through bipartisan cooperation, Illinois can once again be the economic engine of the Midwest and the home of innovation and prosperity for everyone.”
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Charles Pautsch quoted in International Business Times article

Arnstein & Lehr

Charles Pautsch

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Charles W. Pautsch was quoted in a June 21 article titled “Another Scandal At Cincinnati IRS Office, Targeting Democrats This Time,” for the International Business Times. The article discusses a series of email exchanges between employees from the Cincinnati IRS office in 2008 regarding national politics. The discussion of such matters is a violation of the Hatch Act, which aims to keep political activity out of federal, state and local government workplaces. Mr. Pautsch offers a legal perspective on the repercussions of what the employees face.

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Raymond J. Werner quoted in The National Law Journal on how the outcome of the presidential election will affect business at law firms

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Raymond J. Werner

Raymond Werner

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Managing Partner Raymond J. Werner was quoted in an October 29 article in the National Law Journal, titled “The business forecast is mixed.” For the article, the National Law Journal interviewed leaders of midsize law firms across the country and asked them about their business expectations in the event either of an Obama or Romney victory. Mr. Werner commented that if Obama wins, it will be a more regulated world; if it’s more regulated, banks and other financial institutions will be affected, which are areas that the firm operates in. Mr. Werner further comments that if Romney wins, there will be more business stimulus, which will generate more activity, lending, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance and business expansion, thus leading to more utilization of real estate.

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Harley Storrings quoted in South Florida Sun Sentinel on the danger of talking about politics in the workplace

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Harley Storrings

Harley Storrings

Arnstein & Lehr Miami Partner Harley Storrings was quoted in an October 16 article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, titled “Politics and the workplace can be combustible mix.” The article discusses how some employers may restrict political talk at work, if it interferes with productivity, and how companies can prohibit outright campaigning. Mr. Storrings comments that if an employer tries to influence the way their workers vote, the workers should voice their concern. However, they should also be prepared if action is taken against them.

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