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Distracted Drivers Risk Devastating Crashes

Too many younger drivers are putting their own lives, and those of other road users, at risk by texting, using apps or going online on their mobiles when they are behind the wheel, according to new research by Brake and Direct Line.

According to the road safety charity, more than half (55%) of 25-34-year-old drivers questioned admitted they had sent or read a text message on their mobile while behind the wheel of their car in the last year.

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Report Reveals Increase in Fatal Road Traffic Accidents

Two new reports from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) have suggested that declines in the level of police enforcement of traffic offences are contributing to Europe’s failure to cut the numbers dying in road collisions.

More than 26,000 people died on EU roads last year, the first increase since 2001 according to the ETSC. Exceeding speed limits, drink or distracted driving and a failure to wear a seat belt are apparently still the leading causes of death and serious injury on the roads across Europe.

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New Campaign Launched to Protect Drivers in Glasgow

A new Task Force has been set up in Glasgow to raise awareness about potential blind spots and accident prone areas following a rise in the number road traffic accidents in the city.

The major operation will look to reduce the accident and death toll on Glasgow’s roads and will target elderly pedestrians and reckless drivers at major junctions across the city. The dedicated Unit will also see a number of other Officers monitoring other junctions and drivers across the city in the hope to reduce the casualties seen in the last year. 

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More support for mesothelioma victims

A Bill currently going through the UK parliament will mean that newly diagnosed victims of mesothelioma – the aggressive and fatal cancer caused by asbestos – will receive help for the first time through a new support scheme.

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of internal organs, such as the lungs, and almost always arises from exposure to asbestos. Life expectancy from diagnosis is eight to nine months on average.

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Compensation paid for marching injuries

The Ministry of Defence has recently paid £100,000 each to three female RAF recruits in compensation for injuries allegedly sustained by marching, reports the Independent.

The women claimed that being forced to match the stride of male recruits while marching had caused them to suffer injuries to their spine and pelvis.

The standard stride for men is apparently 30 inches, but RAF rules state that women should not be expected to stride more than 27 inches, and should always be placed at the front of any march so that they can set the pace.

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Calls for change in psychiatric injury law

People who suffer psychiatric injuries after witnessing distressing events are subjected to a “harsh and outdated” system of redress, say the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), which has called for a review of the law in England and Wales.

“The physiological impact for witnesses of distressing events can wreak havoc on their lives, sometimes permanently,” explained Matthew Stockwell, president of APIL, which has asked the Law Commission to examine the law on psychiatric injury for witnesses, or ‘secondary victims’.

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Vulnerable road users need greater protection

As UN Global Road Safety week puts worldwide pedestrian safety under the spotlight, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is asking the UK government and car makers to make pedestrian friendly car fronts a top priority.

It claims that the government should be taking the lead in lobbying the European Commission and car makers to make radical changes so that vulnerable road users can get the same five star protection as those sitting in the vehicle.

Since 2006, car occupant’s deaths and serious injuries have fallen by 35% but for pedestrians the fall is just 16%, while cyclist deaths and serious injuries have increased by 31%.

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Lawyers challenge whiplash ‘propaganda’

Lawyers have welcomed a cross-party inquiry into whiplash claims, as news emerged that whiplash claims have fallen again in the last year.

“The Transport Committee inquiry finally presents a real chance to challenge hackneyed and groundless propaganda about whiplash-related injuries which has been promulgated by the insurance industry for far too long,” said Matthew Stockwell, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

“And it comes as a Freedom of Information request shows that whiplash claims in Britain fell again last year by nearly 60,000, bringing them to around the same level as in 2008/2009,” he added.

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Prosecutions following asbestos safety failings

The owner of a former Burton upon Trent brewery and the sub-contractor on a project to refurbish it have been prosecuted after a catalogue of safety failings was uncovered surrounding the unsafe removal of asbestos.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also revealed that workers were living in the building and one had contracted Legionnaire’s disease.

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Personal Injury Law Update: Sharps loopholes will put workers at risk

A European Directive on preventing sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector should be implemented in full, according to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). The industry body was responding to the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) recent consultation on the issue.

The HSE was seeking views on proposed regulations that will give effect to the EU law. Contact Miller Samuel’s injury lawyers for more information on how these laws apply in practice.

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