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Hall & Wilcox launches CLEAR, a world-first solution for self-insurer personal injury claims

Missing vital information for personal injury claims was one of the key drivers behind Hall & Wilcox’s development of a new web-based application that will solve a long-standing problem for companies that are self-insurers and save them money.

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The end of Calderbank offers in the ACT?

In Australia, the ‘English rule’ applies to the costs of litigation: the loser pays the winner’s costs. Historically, offers of settlement known as Calderbank offers have the potential to partially reverse this rule. A party who unreasonably rejects a Calderbank offer and obtains a lesser amount after trial faces the risk of having to pay the other party’s costs from the date the unaccepted offer expired. The offers have therefore been generally used in all types of matters to discourage litigation and encourage early settlement.

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Growth in Irish personal injury claims

The Injuries Board.ie has published the results of its Annual Review for 2012, which reveal that personal injury claims have increased by 4.7% in 2012 and by almost one quarter (24%) since 2007.

The Board is the Government body responsible for assessing personal injury awards in Ireland, and makes awards relating to motor, employer and public liability accidents. These awards are made without the need for litigation.

According to the Board, the rise was partly the result of a 6.7% increase in motor claims in 2012. The number of claims has risen by one third over the past five years.

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