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Airline Ordered to Pay More Than $77 Million for Wage-Hour Violations

In Bernstein v. Virgin America, Inc., a district court in California has ordered Virgin America to pay more than $77,000,000 in damages, restitution, interest and penalties for a variety of violations of the California Labor Code. The award is the latest example of the tremendous amount of damages and penalties that can be awarded for non-compliance with California’s complex wage and hour laws.

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OSHA’s Per Violation Penalties Increase in 2011

By Casey M. Cosentino and Eric J. Conn

 According to statistics recently reported by OSHA, the number of workplace inspections conducted by federal OSHA in FY 2011 fell to a total of 40,215, down 778 in 2010.  The agency attributes this slight decline in the number of inspections to the fact that many inspections, particularly those focused on health hazards and recordkeeping compliance, require more time per inspection.  Gone are the days when the Compliance Officer drops by for a cup of coffee.  Now, OSHA wants to know which office in which they should set up because they are going to be there awhile.

Notwithstanding the fewer number of inspections, the size of enforcement actions continues to rise.  The average OSHA penalty per Serious violation in 2011 increased to $2,132, more than doubling from 2010’s average of $1,053.  In the last year of the Bush administration, 2008, that average was $998.

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