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Tax implications of a ‘casual worker’

In a recent decision, the Full Court of the Federal Court has found that a ‘fly-in fly-out’ worker (Mr Skene) was not a casual worker for the purposes of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Fair Work Act).

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BizTips – Are your contractors actually employees?

How you hire or engage your workers can expose your business to tax and employment risks. The nature of those risks will change over time as your business evolves and the courts move the goalposts as to who or what is an ‘employee’.

Typically, the choice between whether the arrangement is one of employment or contracting. Employment provides and requires employee entitlements to be paid. In contrast contracting offers the worker the chance to be engaged on a contractual basis, usually in an attempt to split their income and/or reduce their tax burden. Engaging on a contracting basis also reduces the financial and compliance burden for the business that engages the contractor.

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Talking Tax – Issue 85

ATO updates

TR 2017/4 – taxation of rights and retail premiums under renounceable rights offers where shares are held on capital account

The Commissioner of Taxation has recently issued Taxation Ruling TR 2017/4 (Ruling) which concerns the taxation of rights granted, and the retail premiums paid, to retail shareholders in connection with renounceable rights offers where shares are held on capital account.

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