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California Court of Appeal Concludes That Certain Types of On-Call Scheduling Triggers Requirement to Pay Wages

On February 4, 2019, a divided panel of the California Court of Appeal issued their majority and dissenting opinion in Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc.  It appears to be a precedent-setting decision in California, holding that an employee scheduled for an on-call shift may be entitled to certain wages for that shift despite never physically reporting to work.

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Don’t Touch That Phone–It May Cost You! California Applies Different Rules for "On Call" Time

A client recently asked us to provide them with a summary of the California rules for paying non-exempt employees for “on-call” time.  Our client requires non-exempt IT employees to carry cell phone and/or pagers after hours and on weekends so they can respond to requests for assistance and emergencies at the facility which operates on a 24/7 basis.  The employees are required to respond to a call or page within 10-15 minutes and to be available to go to the facility immediately if necessary.  The questions presented were: 1) whether these employees should be paid for the time spent carrying the cell phone or pager and 2) is there a minimum amount of pay the employees must receive if they are required to report to the facility.  We thought that it would be helpful to share our thoughts here. 

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