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Massachusetts’ NIMBY approach to energy is jeopardizing the environment globally

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog regarding Massachusetts’ refusal to fulfill their energy needs from domestic sources, instead of threatening the environment by importing U.S.-sanctioned Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — August 21, 2015

Editors Note: With Congress out of session for the August recess, we present an abbreviated “This Week in Washington.”

Obama takes on natural gas

President Obama’s aggressive climate change plan has a new target: the natural gas industry.

On Tuesday, the White House proposed new rules limiting emissions of methane and other pollutants from the oil and natural gas industry, part of a strategy to cut methane emissions by up to 45 percent of 2012 levels by 2025. The rules — which will only apply to new and modified gas wells — are meant to address a harmful byproduct of the natural gas boom.

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"How recent oil and gas discoveries will impact Ohio businesses and landowners," Jeff Huntsberger interviewed by Smart Business Magazine

How recent oil and gas discoveries will impact Ohio businesses and landowners
Jeff Huntsberger interviewed by Smart Business Magazine

It was announced recently that the Utica Shale formation in Ohio is not only a source of natural gas, but oil as well. New technological advancements — especially in horizontal drilling techniques and the hydraulic fracturing of the shale (“fracking”) — along with the fact that the oil appears to be of high quality, is bringing drilling to Ohio a lot faster than originally thought.

“Drilling has been taking place in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia for a while now,” says Jeffrey R. Huntsberger, a member of the Business Department and the Real Estate Practice Group at McDonald Hopkins LLC. “Geologists knew there was natural gas in Ohio’s Marcellus formations, but figured Ohio wouldn’t be as rich a source as Pennsylvania. All of that has changed now with the discoveries in the deeper Utica Shale formation. For example, the CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp. recently said that his company expects to invest $10 billion per year in Ohio for the next couple of decades.”

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