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Massachusetts: Coalition sues to stop the millionaire’s tax ballot initiative

At the end of the summer, we described the movement that is afoot to raise taxes on the wealthy in certain states. New York City‘s mayor had announced his plan for a “fair fix” tax on the “on [the] wealthiest New Yorkers to modernize subways and buses, [and] fund half-priced metrocards for low-income riders,” and Seattle’s 2.25 percent tax on the income of joint tax filers with income over $500,000, which passed in July, was taking fire in the form of three taxpayer lawsuits.

Also at the time, the effort in Massachusetts, known as the Fair Share Amendment, was well underway. It is scheduled to hit the ballot in 2018, and seeks voter approval for a new 4 percent tax on income over $1 million, which would be written into the state’s constitution.

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