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Court of Appeal Rejects Lawyer’s Application to Set Aside Fraudulent Misrepresentation Finding

In a recent decision – Meridian Credit Union Limited v. Ahmed Baig, 2016 ONCA 150  – the Ontario Court of Appeal affirmed a motion judge’s decision to grant summary judgment against the party who had made the motion despite the fact that the responding party had not made a cross-motion for judgment.  The court also upheld a finding by the motion judge that the defendant  was personally liable for fraudulent misrepresentation; failed to disturb the motion judge’s finding that the defendant could be held vicariously liable for his lawyer’s fraudulent misrepresentation; and refused leave of the lawyer, and his law firm, to introduce fresh evidence on appeal .  The court dismissed the lawyers’ argument that they had a right to be heard and refused to set aside the findings of fraudulent misrepresentation the motion judge had made against them.

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