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Establishment of rules for the use of electronic media outlets in government procedures

Given the current scenario in our country, it is necessary to reinforce our system to encourage the use of electronic means in government procedures, whereby the National Government has enacted Law No.144 on 15th April, 2020 that modifies and includes articles of our Law No.83 of 2012.

This mandatory regulation will be applied gradually and progressively in accordance with the schedule of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG). To this end, the AIG will collaborate with the different public entities, to gradually establish a standardized document management system. for the public sector. Read more…

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ILN Today Post

Taras Utiralov at Legal TMT Forum

Taras Utiralov, Leader of the Information Technologies practice at PETERKA & PARTNERS, took part in a debate about smart contracts and cryptocurrencies at the Legal TMT (Technology. Media. Telecommunications) Forum in Kyiv. The forum was hosted by the Yurydychna Praktyka publishing house on 22 November 2017, and PETERKA & PARTNERS acted as a partner of the event. Mr. Utiralov was a moderator of the debate blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.
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Trump’s Branding Problem

Donald Trump came to the White House with the lowest approval rating ever for an incoming president. From a branding perspective, things have not been getting better. On the 144th day of his presidency, Trump hit a 60% disapproval rating, giving him the dubious distinction of being the fastest to ever reach that mark (beating George H.W. Bush, who took 1,290 days to get there).

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The Untold Value of Video Advertising

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but what about video? Whoever is behind the famous aphorism never crunched the numbers on video, but you’d have to think that the words-to-video conversion rate would be very large. After all, video advertisements are known to have tremendous advantages, even over those that use pictures. Video ads are more likely to be discovered (search engines love video content), shared (consumers share video at high rates), and acted upon (according to Amazon and eBay, video ads accompanying product descriptions increases the chance of a purchase by as much as 35%) than other formats. All of which helps explain why people are watching so much video these days.

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Marketing a High-Powered Winery

Winemaking is a timeless craft—or so you might think. If you do, one visit to a Jackson Family Wines facility powered by Tesla batteries and you’ll soon realize that wineries are certainly keeping up with the times.

One of the country’s largest family-owned wineries, Jackson Family Wines has been innovating in all kinds of ways as it carries on the family’s winemaking legacy (including production of the popular Kendall-Jackson brand).

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When to Take an Agency Global?

Today’s agencies are expanding more quickly and aggressively into new jurisdictions than ever before. That isn’t a project to take lightly.

Advances in technology and the globalization of business have facilitated the process of international expansion to some extent, but the fact is that great regional differences remain: in business cultures, regulatory environments, and more.

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God adfærd i det offentlige – hvad er det?

Medierne har i denne uge været fyldt med omtale af bagmandspolitiets anholdelser i sag om bestikkelse af lønmodtagere – artiklen redegør for god adfærd i det offentlige i tilknytning til evt. modtagelse af gaver og lignende.

Moderniseringsstyrelsen (tidligere Personalestyrelsen), Kommunernes Landsforening og Danske Regioner udgav i juni 2007 en vejledning om god adfærd i det offentlige. Vejledningens afsnit 4 har overskriften: Modtagelse af gaver m.v.

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Trust in Advertising: The Buyer’s Perspective

Digital media has opened up exciting new worlds for the advertising industry. It has given advertisers the ability to reach audiences in new places, on new devices, in more engaging ways, and in more targeted fashion than ever before. No doubt about it: these are all good things.

But the advent of digital media has also given the industry a whole new set of concerns about trust. This is a topic I’ve been talking about a lot lately, and for good reason. The advertising industry simply isn’t viable without trust.

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The Evolution of the Chief Communication Officer

If you were forced to pick one way in which companies have evolved the most significantly since the turn of the century, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular response than communication.

Social media has created two-way dialogue and real brand accountability. The 24/7 news cycle has amplified the impact of any crisis, from CEOs sticking their foot in their mouths to customer data breaches. Brands are compelled to be socially and environmentally conscious. Heck, Millennials want to know your charitable partners before they buy your goods or apply for your jobs.

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Late notice causing prejudice to the insurer: Pierre Bazinet successfully opposes a claim

December 15, 2015 — Pierre Bazinet recently obtained a favourable decision in a case that received ample media coverage at the onset. A couple had been condemned to pay a very substantial award to a schoolteacher whom they had slandered in the media. After having tried to defend themselves all the way to the Supreme Court, unsuccessfully, they finally notified their insurer and claimed compensation for the award that they were to pay and the costs of their defence.

Pierre, who represented the insurer, raised three defences: the late notice that caused prejudice to the insurer, the denial of coverage in a case of intentional fault and the prescription applicable to the costs of the defence. 

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