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When Franchisees Innovate: Discussing The “Big Mac” Provision

photo-1428660386617-8d277e7deaf2During the life of a franchise system, franchisees are often the source of new product and service offering ideas. Franchisors often find that some of the best-selling products are created by franchisees.  For example, some of the most popular sandwiches (including the Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, and Egg McMuffin) at McDonald’s were created by franchisees.  Indeed, the Big Mac is one of the all-time innovation success stories, having been created by franchisee Jim Delligatti in the 1960s and finally adopted by McDonalds in 1968 (the sandwich quickly became one of the chain’s best sellers, accounting for 19 percent of all sales). These success stories encourage franchising companies to carefully consider permitting franchisees to create new or different products.

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