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Estate planning for same-sex marriages and common triggers to prepare or update your estate plan

It is great news that Australia has legalised same-sex marriage. This will bring significant benefits to same-sex couples, as marriage grants more rights in relation to death, medical and financial decisions. However, with what is likely to be a boom in new marriages, it is important that couples (same-sex or otherwise) consider the effect of their marriage on their estate planning documents and update them, even though it is unlikely to be the most urgent thing on their mind in planning their celebrations!

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Issues in Ending a Relationship: Is Cohabiting any less Complicated than Marriage?

Litigation of any kind is never a pleasant experience: parties will only have decided to come before the courts in order to settle a dispute if there is no likelihood of them resolving their situation by other means.

Litigation involving a warring couple is equally no less pleasant an experience, and it was in a dispute of this kind that the Court of Session was recently asked to rule. In the case of Alexander Melvin v Fiona Christie (see here) the Inner House of the Court of Session – Scotland’s highest court – was asked to hear an appeal of the decision of the Sheriff Principal’ and the decision to award Mr Melvin a sum of money under the terms of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 following the termination of the couples living together as a couple.

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