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Andis Paunins on the past year and market trends for the next year in Latvia, "Dienas Bizness TOP500"

Andis Pauniņš

In 28 November 2012 supplement “TOP500” to the newspaper “Dienas Bizness”, Andis Paunins, senior associate of TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE, looks back on the events of the past year, and expresses his opinion on the market trends in Latvia for the year 2013.

Andis Paunins points out that last year several market players in order to acquire funds for further development launched public offering of shares and bonds and listing on the stock exchange. He also notes that the past year was marked by constant struggles between creditors and debtors, claims against board members of companies for the caused losses. Andis Paunins informs that on 1 May 2014 restrictions to freely buy agricultural land will be canceled for EU citizens and legal entities, thus he prognosis that this real estate segment will become more active. Overall Andis Paunins describes the Latvian political and economic situation as stable and forecasts that further market developments could occur primarily at the expense of EU funds that will be allocated to Latvia for the next planning period.

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