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The Lid is off: Marital Rape in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Marital Rape is defined as the act of “sexual intercourseā€ with one’s spouse without the spouse’s consent. Generally speaking it is viewed as a form of domestic violence and /or abuse. In the Bahamas there is no law which criminalizes non consensual sexual intercourse between married persons. Single women and men thus enjoy a legislative protection which is not enjoyed by married women or for that matter married men. Outside the boundaries of recognized permissible grounds for making a complaint against a spouse for non sexual violence (e.g. Batteries and Assaults) the Law provides no such protection, in the Matrimonial Union, for non consensual sexual intercourse. Thus a woman is not competent to give evidence against her husband for an allegation of rape. Alternatively, she is competent for an allegation made of physical violence.

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