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Official Marks in Canada – Foreign public authorities need not apply

In a recent decision, the Federal Court has ruled in favour of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.  (“Maple Leaf”) in an appeal of the decision of the Registrar of Trade-marks refusing Maple Leaf’s application to register the trade-mark PARMA & Design.  The Registrar had refused the application on the basis that it so nearly resembled Consorzio Del Prosciutto Di Parma’s Official Mark for PARMA & Design and therefore was prohibited from adoption pursuant to s. 9 of the Trade-marks Act.

The issue of that was of interest is whether Consorzio Del Prosciutto Di Parma (“Consorzio”) is a “public authority” within the meaning of s. 9 of the Act.  The Court applied the test for a public authority, as clarified by the Federal Court of Appeal in United States Postal Service v. Canada Post Corporation, 2007 FCA 10 (as we have reported in a previous post).  A public authority must be one that is subject to control by a Canadian government.  Thus, since Consorzio is subject to control by the Italian government, it is a foreign public authority and therefore not a “public authority” within the meaning of s. 9 of the Act.  The Federal Court held that Consorzio’s Official Mark is invalid and void ab initio.  The Court also directed the Registrar of Trade-marks to allow Maple Leaf’s application for PARMA & Design.



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