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LinkedIn and “Recommending” – A refresher on potential liability

Arnstein & Lehr attorney Jesse Dill

Jesse R. Dill

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people are taking greater advantage of LinkedIn’s “recommending” feature. With this tool, a user can request that another user comment on that individual’s professional performance, skill, reputation, and the like. Not only is this feature available, but LinkedIn actually suggests you request a recommendation to complete your profile. Unlike traditional letters of recommendation, making a request is quick and easy as it only takes a few clicks to send. Once complete, the recommendation is made public and brought to the attention of individuals who are “connected” to the LinkedIn user receiving the recommendation.

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LinkedIn Tutorials – Recommendations

And I’m back. It was a rather eventful week off for me here on the east coast, with a mild earthquake as I was staining my deck, and then having to evacuate because of Hurricane Irene over the weekend.  My thoughts go out to everyone still dealing with flooding, power outages and damage – I was fortunate that my house near the bay never lost power (the yard floods on a good day, so a sump pump is a necessity) and that the damage wasn’t at all severe.

Today, we’re back to talking LinkedIn, and I’d like to focus on recommendations.  Before we get into the how, let’s talk about about the why.

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