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Judith L. Grubner writes chapter in IP law for business book on legal game promotions

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Judith L. Grubner

Judith Grubner

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Judith L. Grubner provided a chapter for the new ExecSense e-book, IP Law for Businesses: Protecting Yourself and Your Company. Ms. Grubner’s chapter is “Crafting Legal Game Promotions.” The focus of her chapter is how business executives can comply with federal and state sweepstakes and contest laws when they market their products using game promotions where the winners are selected by a random drawing (sweepstakes) or are chosen by judges applying specific criteria (skill contests). The chapter also covers game promotions advertised in print media, broadcast media and online. It does not cover state lotteries, casino or online gambling, casino nights or bingo games.

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