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Why the Technology Industry Can Help Build A Better Workplace

I recently read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, which includes a call to action for men and women to end gender bias in the workplace.  Yet, Lean In is not only a discussion about gender bias and stereotypes, women being held back or holding back themselves but, it’s a call to action as a society to work together toward equality.  A common question that has followed for many who have read the book is where do we begin; how can we move forward as a society to address the issues that face all of us in the workplace, men and women of all races, cultures, ages, and religious backgrounds.  How do we all, regardless of our backgrounds or position in life, move forward to lead more happy, prosperous, fulfilling lives while delivering to our employers.  It seems insurmountable, and, also unfortunate to say we cannot do anything unless the entire world changes.    But from an economic standpoint, can’t we make changes one business at a time, one industry at a time?

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