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The Kissie Case

Alexandra Nilsson runs one of the most famous lifestyle blogs in Sweden where she writes about fitness and fashion. The blog has more than 120,000 readers every day.

The Consumer Ombudsman (Sw. Konsumentombudsmannen) has brought an action against Kissie accusing her for not having adequately indicated that the content which she is posting on her blog comprises marketing[1]. Kissie operates her blog via the company Kissie Media AB (“Kissie Media”). The Ombudsman claims that Kissie has given the impression that she is recommending a service as a consumer when the recommendation in reality comprises marketing in the operation of Kissie Media’s business. The Ombudsman demands that the court shall prohibit Kissie to publish such content and to not adequately indicate that content on her blog, Instagram or on other similar social media contains marketing.

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