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KATOEN NATIE starts construction of Estonia’s largest logistics centre

Belgian logistics group Katoen Natie started construction of Estonia’s largest logistics centre in Muuga. The president of the company, Fernand Huts, said in an interview to the business daily Äripäev that Estonia is well placed to do business mainly with Russia in the future, and therefore it was a logical decision to construct the centre in Estonia. Other reasons for preferring Estonia over, e.g., Finland, included Estonia’s favourable and simple tax system and the clear and understandable position of the Port of Tallinn. The total investment of the logistics group amounted to approximately EUR 40 million.

TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE’s senior associate Piret Jesse assisted the global logistics company Katoen Natie in negotiations on acquiring the land in Muuga Harbour on which the logistics centre is to be built and in closing the transaction as well as in preparing the relevant construction agreement.

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