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Brexit and planning for the unknown in IT

This article was previously published by IT for CEOs and CFOs on 16 October 2017 and is reproduced by kind permission.


As is beginning to become apparent, Brexit has wide-ranging consequences in many commercial and business areas. This is equally true in the sphere of data protection, where much of the applicable legislation has developed at an EU level.  This is readily understandable, given (i) the wide-ranging technological advances that have occurred since the UK joined the European Communities in 1973 and (ii) the quintessentially cross-border nature of these developments.

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VAT imposition on the provision of services in electronic form by foreign IT-organizations starting from 2017

The Federal law № 244-FZ “On amending parts one and two of the Tax code of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter – the Law) came into force on 01 January 2017. The Law provides that starting from this date provision of services in electronic form by foreign IT-organizations to Russian individuals and legal entities in Russia is subject to VAT taxation.

Under clause 1 art. 174.2 of the Russian Tax code as amended by the Law the following services are subject to the payment of VAT inter alia:
  • granting of rights to use computer programs (including computer games), databases via the Internet;
  • provision of advertising services on the Internet;
  • services on placing offers for purchase (disposal) of goods (works, services), property rights on the Internet;
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Beskyttelse af dine varemærker og designs i EU – og i UK

Som følge af den britiske ”Brexit” afstemning har den seneste tid budt på megen usikkerhed for de europæiske markeder. Det er en usikkerhed, vi må forvente i nogen grad varer ved, indtil Storbritannien officielt melder ud, hvilken betydning ”OUT”-resultatet får – og givet også derefter.

Briterne er en tæt samhandelspartner med Danmark og mange danske selskaber, og landets forhold til EU har stor betydning for, hvordan danske selskaber skal indrette deres forretning med de britiske virksomheder. Dette gælder ikke mindst i forhold til beskyttelse af de immaterielle rettigheder; varemærker og designs.

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Do Not Overlook “IT” in Early Stage Hospital Merger Planning

Each party should be aware of key issues before preparing to negotiate transition services agreements

As I type this blog post, I would not be surprised if suddenly my computer froze, and I had to call the help desk.  While calling the help desk can sometimes seem like an annoyance, having a central function to deal with all information technology (IT) issues is actually essential to ensuring that hospitals and health systems are able to effectively close a merger transaction.

In fact, IT has become indispensable for many hospital and system functions, including for patient care and core financial functions.

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