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Does the Crown get your cash if you die without a Will?

Ever wondered what happens if you die without a Will? Do your assets end up with your spouse, your children, or somewhere else? We often hear people say that the State gets your assets if you die without a Will. Thankfully that is not that case in most situations, with each State and Territory having a set of laws (generally called intestacy laws) dealing with the circumstance.

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Rules of Intestacy

As the Rules of Intestacy in The Bahamas forms an integral part of the devolution and distribution of the estate of a person who dies intestate, our focus on this area of the law will be presented in two parts.


Upon implementing Parliamentary Government in the then Colony of the Bahama Islands in the eighteenth century, such statutory laws of England as were necessary were extended to the Colony by The Declaratory Act, 1799. Thus the then existing English Wills, Inheritance and administration of estates legislation and land law became the statutory laws in the Bahamas and in cases where there were no statutory laws, the English decisions i.e. case law, were adopted as relevant authority. More…

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