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NY Governor Paterson Introduces Bill Related To Interactions Between ‘Pharmaceutical Companies’ And Health Care Professionals

by Sarah Giesting and Wendy Goldstein

January 2010

On January 19, 2010, New York Governor David Paterson introduced Senate Bill 6608[i]as part of the 2010-11 New York State Executive Budget. Included in Senate Bill 6608 is a provision to add Section 279, “Interactions Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Care Professionals,” to the Public Health Law (“Section 279“). Similar bills are pending in the New York Senate and General Assembly.[ii]

If enacted, Section 279, like other current state marketing laws[iii] and industry codes,[iv]provides a code of conduct applicable to “all companies that sell or market prescription drugs, biologics or medical devices in the state” (“Pharmaceutical Company“).[v]Notably, Section 279 would be the first state law also to provide a code of conduct applicable to health care professionals (“HCP“) practicing in the state to whom such drugs, biologics or medical devices are sold or marketed.

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