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The changes you need to know about long service leave in Victoria

All Victorian employers need to be aware of the significant changes to long service leave (LSL) entitlements to commence by 1 November 2018.

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Trade Union Bill – a declaration of war or an end to an outdated regime of industrial relations?

After sweeping to power in the May General Election, and given the Labour Party’s giant lurch to the left of the political spectrum, the present Conservative government has generally sought to take up the centre ground of British politics. Part of this new image for the government comprises being seen as a bulwark to Jeremy Corbyn’s strong and oft-stated commitment to reviving the trade union movement generally.

Against this backdrop, the government has recently announced a number of legislative reforms in the employment and business sectors, including the introduction of a National Living Wage; a drive to increase the number of high quality apprenticeships and changes to immigration law to discourage the misuse and abuse of undocumented workers. Such policies, generally speaking, carry widespread support. However, this cannot necessarily be said for another proposed legislative update: the Trade Union Bill. 

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